PT.Anugerah Usaha Mandiri - Jual Alat Patroli Security dan Jasa Instalasi
PT ANUGERAH USAHA MANDIRI is a company specialized in the electronic security system. This company has been established since 1999, which formerly named PT AGIRA YANINDO EXPRESS, and since 2003 it was changed their name to PT Anugerah Usaha Mandiri.

Our company is offer the best products to monitoring and maintenance, So you get the convenience  and  can to improve security on your assets. It’s not only offer the best product but we provide a space for consultation and solution for the security that works for you. With professional technicians and a good team, we will provide the best service for you.

The products we offer are :


PT. Anugerah Usaha Mandiri

  • Alamat:
  • Jalan Ciputat Raya No.20, Gedung Pesona 3rd Floor Suites-302, Tanah Kusir-Jakarta Selatan, Jakarta Selatan 12240
    DKI Jakarta , Indonesia
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